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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Butterfly Beauty

American Lady Butterfly, told by the two eye spots on underside of the hindwing

Great Spangled Fritillary on Purple Coneflower

Monarch Butterfly on Purple Coneflower

Speaking of things with wings, when your birding slows down during the mid-day hours because birds are more active in the early morning, think of watching butterfies. They're colorful, ubiquitous, and easy to see, especially if you have close-focusing binoculars like we do in our Stokes Birding Series of Binoculars.
Our bird and butterfly garden is now full of butterflies, who just cover the Purple Coneflowers. When we take a lunck break from working on our new field guide to all the birds, we go out and get a butterfly fix. That's what's so nice about having our own garden nearby. When working hard, we can get little, quality experiences of nature, which we crave. It's what keeps us going.


Janice said...

Beautiful photos, I like watching butterflies almost as much as birds now. I have a Nikon D50 and I have a hard time with the autofocus but its getting better and I actually am starting to get the whole butterfly in focus!

mon@rch said...

These are such amazing butterfly photos! Keep up the wonderful work!

Crystal Hiatt said...

Wow Lillian - what beautiful images!!

Crystal Hiatt said...

I love these images -- they are SO beautiful!!!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Don & Lillian,
I started a monarch ranch this summer and also have been out observing and learning about all the other butterflies in my backyard. Your butterfly book has been an extremely valuable resource for me (and I've referenced it several times in my blog). Thanks for all the great pictures and information you provide in this book.