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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Images

Red tulips in our garden

American Goldfinch in breeding plumage

A view across our perennial borders to "ship rock"

Amalanchier (shadbush) "Autumn Brilliance" at our entry, provides spring flowers, summer berries and fall color

View from our front entry to the gazebo. Pink Crab Apples, "Prairie Fire" provide fruits for the birds.

Bird Bath in the long border

Spring Johnny-Jump-Ups in a mini-"Wellie" planter

Across to the gazebo and barn

Yellow Ladies Slippers and blue Forget-Me-Nots in the wildflower garden

Yellow Parrot Tulips in one of the antique ironstone pitchers Lillian collects

Pink Impression Tulips are our favorites, we planted 100 last year for this spring's display. Can't wait!

A gold-leaved cultivar of Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Spectabilis), is an early spring bloomer

Pair plants with colored foliage and tulips for spring impact.

Happy first day of spring 2007! Here are some of last year's images of our garden at "Bobolink Farm", our NH home. Birds are our passion, and so are our gardens which we have planned for beauty, good design and to attract the birds. We're writing an article now on our garden which will appear in the August issue of Birder's World magazine. We put up these images for spring inspiration and to help us remember what we have to look forward to. It may not be spring-like here now (we still have deep snow), but it can be spring on our blog.

Photos © Lillian Stokes, 2007


Mike McDowell said...

Ahh, spring! I can hardly wait!

Mike M.

Unknown said...

You're torturing us! I want to dig in the dirt and plant NOW!!!

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

Me too!


Anonymous said...

me too

Anonymous said...

oh and i love the goldfinch picture