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Sunday, March 11, 2007


American Goldfinches have been coming in droves to our feeders, especially during the cold weather we have been having. Here they are at our Stokes Select Finch Screen Feeder which allows multiple finches to cling and pull the Nyjer (thistle) seed through the mesh. Finches like to feed in flocks from fall through early spring, and don't start nesting until summer. At this time of year, they start giving warbling songs, a sign their long courship period is beginning. We love to hear it becaue it's a welcome sign that spring is coming. We also like to look closely through our binoculars at the goldfinches at our feeders because you can see beginning changes in their plumage. A few more yellow feathers start coming in, and there are flecks of black on the males' heads where their black caps will grow in.
We have a complete line of Stokes Select Feeders, widely available through retail channels and a portion of the proceeds go to bird conservation.

Photo @ Lillian Stokes 2007

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