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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Pt. 1

Wood Stork looking like it is "doing yoga"

Entrance to Black Point Wildlife Drive on Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge,

near where there was an island of resting Snowy Egrets and Wood Storks.

This Wood Stork was sitting down, pretty, pink toes out front.

Phoebe was a good traveler and watches the birds from her crate.

The road winds past many marshes and water areas.

While we are here in NH with sub zero wind chills, it's nice to look at and share with you, our recent birding trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge where it was warm and sunny. Phoebe, our Corgi traveled safely and happily with us in her crate, which is outfitted with water, dog cookies, squeaky toys and chew bones. We are always impressed with the beauty and quantity of wildlife at our National Wildlife Refuges and Merritt Island did not disappoint. We rate it very highly as a gorgeous place with great birding and ample photo ops. Situated next to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island's 140,000 acres consists of brackish estuaries and marshes, dunes, scrub oaks, palm hammocks and pine forests. There are a series of roads and trails and our favorite was the Black Point Wildlife Drive, a 7 mile auto route. The above photo shows Don standing at the entrance, where there is also a little pool that always has interesting birds. We saw a number of herons in the pool, but the best part was the Wood Storks who were on a little island. They were resting in funny poses that made for great photo ops.......continued tomorrow.....

Photos @ Lillian Stokes, 2007

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