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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lots of Pine Siskins Here, More Coming Your Way.

How many Pine Siskins can fit in one feeder?

Line up for the bird barh.

Had over 60 Pine Siskins here yesterday. They are coming your way, this is a big invasion year for Pine Siskins, who make irruptive migrations out of their normal winter range when food is low there. Stay tuned and watch your feeders! How many are you seeing?


Unknown said...

So loads or reports from around the country of Pine Siskin irruption and Red-breasted Nuthatches too. Interesting! What will this winter hold of backyard birders? Bring on the Redpolls, Rosy-Finches, and Crossbills! (as long as they're aren't starving)

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

It is shaping up to be an exciting winter at the bird feeders!

LNMP298 said...

We usually have about a half-dozen Pine Siskins at a time, sometimes more. It's great to see them again. The last time there was a big irruption, we couldn't keep the sunflower seed in stock!