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Monday, May 10, 2010

Marbled Godwit

Here's some Marbled Godwit photos I took in winter in FL. Such a beautiful and unusual looking shorebird. Look at the bright rufous color of the underwings. This is a shorebird that you can see in winter on mudflats in southern coastal areas of the East, West, and also on the Gulf Coast.
In summer they breed in the northern Plains areas. We have seen them there, and wish we were there now, (or at Magee Marsh, OH) instead of still at our computers putting the very last touches on our major new field guide to birds, coming out in Oct. Sigh. It's taken us 6 years to do, and it will be work waiting for.


habs12 said...

Can't wait for the new field guide, it will be a great addition for this novice bird person. Will you be having any book signings? I hope so!

Kevin said...

Great shots of a cool shorebird; alas, I have not yet seen this species.