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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whale Up Close

When we went on the Granite State Whale Watch boat from Rye, NH last Thursday we lucked out because we encoutered a Humpback whale named Glowstick that did "just about every rare behavior a humpback does" according to the whale boat guide. First there was the "spinning head breach" shown here. It was just amazing to see this massive, 30-40 ft. about 30 ton animal launch itself out of the water. Above photo is uncropped. I had a 300 mm telephoto lens. We were close.

Here are the photos blown up. Look at the barnacles on its chin!

An the beautiful pattern of spray near the flippers,

and here's the tail. "Wow, Wow, Wow!" we and everyone else on the boat were saying.
You can just feel the dynamic force of energy this whale has. The whale guide said you're lucky if you see a humpack do a full breach breach once a season. Glowstick did multiple breaches in front of us.
More photos tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Most amazing, beautiful creature. Some of the best whale photo's I've seen. I can only hope one day to witness this in person also.
Thanks for sharing these great shots with us. CAA FL.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing pictures.

Sara said...

Your photos are dazzling ! How incredible to get that close, thanks for sharing the moment.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a photo. Can't wait to see more tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

Mary C said...

How fortunate that you saw this whale breach! Wow! My daughter recently returned from her vacation in Alaska, and she wasn't as fortunate. She does have a few shots of a whale spouting, but that's about it. She also saw (along with my husband and son) several dolphins and orcas that breached, but no photos. :(