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Monday, August 10, 2009

Birding Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park

We visited Acadia National Park in Maine and did one of our favorite things there, went to Jordan Pond. More eating and birding. Hmmm this is getting to be a theme. Great Black-backed Gulls are common in Acadia. Such magnificent birds.

Herring Gulls were flying over Jordan Pond and also sitting on the water.

Here's a view of the pond with "The Bubbles" mountains at the end.

Here's Jordan Pond house, a lovely restaurant with picnic tables outside so you can watch the view.

We put our binos on the table and ordered our favorite,

lobster stew and popovers. As I took the photo Don said, "This is getting to be a food blog." Hey, I hadda include the popovers and stew, just about the best anywhere. Rich creamy lobster flavor with big chunks of lobster meat floating in the stew. And the popovers...served with butter and tastes-like-homemade strawberry jam. Yes!

They let dogs at the tables, see our two Corgis, Phoebe in front, Abby by Don. The waiter even brought out a doggie bowl of fresh water for them. And yes, they got two teensy bites of my popover. "Hey, whatabout your husband," Don said as I was giving one to Phoebe.

Acadia is a very dog-friendly place, dogs are allowed on leashes, on the trails. Here we're hiking around the pond with the Corgis, gotta work off the popovers.


Patrick Belardo said...

*drool* that is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. It's so gorgeous and the popovers and stew are incredible. I can also recommend the popovers filled with ice cream. Yummy.

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

Thanks for the tip on the popovers with ice cream, we'll have to try it!

Cindy R said...

Your Jordan Pond post last year was what inspired us to go there with our corgi Betony when we were on vacation in Camden--what a treat. And we're following close behind you again this year, as we'll be in Maine in a couple of weeks and plan a return visit to Jordan Pond. Can't wait! So thanks from your friends at The Corgi Cryer.

Country Girl said...

I was just there last week! Found your blog through a search on 'The Bubbles'.
Beautiful photos here.