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Monday, March 02, 2009

Nor'easter Snow Storm in New England

Here's what it looks like now in NH. We have 11 inches of snow and it's still coming down. They are saying this is the biggest storm of the season for much of New England. Puppy Abby is just about buried. She loves jumping around in the snow.
Gotta go shovel out the bird feeders. More later.

The birds will really be dependent on the feeders today. Glad Mr. Cardinal came in early to feed. Look at the snow on that big beak.

People often ask about the feeders and seed in the photos. This is the Stokes Select Large Hopper feeder, with suet holders, filled with a mixture of Stokes Select Cardinal Songbird blend of seed. Part of the proceeds from our seed and feeders is donated to bird conservation.

Oh, Oh, this Red-winged Black bird picked a bad day to arrive back from migration. Glad we could provide breakfast. This is the first Redwing we have seen. He gets bonus points since he's a sign of spring!!


Connie said...

The snow is beautiful, but I would guess you are kind of weary of winter? Spring will come - so keep hoping!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So much snow and so little sign of spring.

Montanagirl said...

I saw on the news that you got hammered with a big snowfall. The Cardinal is wonderful. I've only seen one in my entire life, in 2007, after a storm blew through here. There's a picture of her on my blog.

Mary C said...

Fresh fallen snow is so pretty, but I'm sure everyone back east is getting a bit weary with the white stuff. It looks like Abby really enjoys the snow, and she seems to blend in so well. ;o)