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Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Bluebirds!

Eastern Bluebird, male

What is it that makes people love bluebirds? We certainly are enamoured with them, wrote a book about them, and have had them nest on our properties just about every year since 1990.

Here's a poem from our Stokes Bluebird Book,

"Come along with me, my love
And we will roam the sky;
We'll fly across the meadows,
And soar O'er mountains high.

We'll drink of streams' pure waters;
chase butterflies and bees;
And when we tire of this myu love,
We'l rest in shady trees.

then we will search in earnest,
Eash nook and cranny wide;
Where we can raise our family
Together, side by side.

there it is, myh dearest love.
Well, goodness! Bless my soul!
Just waiting there for us, dear one,
Our house upon a pole.

A kind and careful craftsman
Has built it strong and true;
Do enter into it, my love,
And I will follow you.

by Katherine M. Braun
"Bluebird Honeymoon"

Now is the time to clean out your bluebird houses and have them ready for returning bluebirds. Some bluebirds migrate south and others may remain in northern areas. In early spring bluebirds return to their nesting areas and look for a suitable nesting cavity or bird house. So be ready!
For instructions, from one of our DIY TV shows, on how to build your own bluebird house click here.

For more information, see our Stokes Bluebird Book. This is the complete guide to attracting and enjoying bluebirds. Fully illustrated with more than 80 beautiful full-color photographs of bluebirds.

Includes complete information on putting up bluebird houses, starting a bluebird trail, monitoring bluebird houses, dealing with competitors, protection from predators, landscaping for bluebirds, and bluebird feeders.

Covers all three species of North American bluebirds with identification photos, range maps, breeding behavior, and complete life histories.

Make your own bluebird house. Instructions for building a bluebird house include detailed plans and directions for assembly. Also included are lists of bluebird societies and sources of bluebird supplies. 96 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Available at, or can be ordered through your local bookstore.


Westmoreland Sanctuary said...

We have your bluebird book. We use it for every bluebird box construction program we do. We average close to 400 bluebird houses made each winter, so lots of people have seen your book and its wonderful photos!

Connie said...

Yes, I do not think I cleaned out the little bird houses from last year. I better get busy because I do see birds checking them out. Thanks for the heads up.