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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Today we had the first Rose-breasted Grosbeak male arrive, what a thrill! This is a bird that wows people and we often get lots of emails from people telling us they have seen one, or wondering what they are.
What a gorgeous bird the male is, and so aptly named. The big rosy red chest mark so dramatically stands out on the white of his breast, and look at the size of that beak, all the better to crack big seeds. Mrs. Grosbeak looks like a big sparrow with a white eyebrow, her subtle coloring camouflaging her on the nest.
Hope he stays and sets up a territory.

Photos @ Lillian Stokes, 2007


LNMP said...

What a coincidence! Thursday morning I was looking out the window at the leaves beginning to emerge on our maple trees, and thought to myself, "This is the time when we should start seeing Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks." I went to sit at the computer, and no
sooner did I sit down, when I heard the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak song right outside the open window! The beautiful male grosbeak, my first of the
season, was sitting on an upper branch... right on schedule.

What bird should I wish for next?!?

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

It's funny how birds often have an uncanny ability to show up at the same location, on the same date, in following years.
You might want to wish for a House Wren, but then again, it might be a mixed blessing. See our blog for Monday, May 7th here:

Anonymous said...

On May 2, here in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, I had one of my best birding days. After lunch I saw a male Baltimore Oriole. Soon 2 male Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks came to my feeder and an Indigo Bunting. Later that afternoon my 1st Ruby Throat Hummingbird made an appearance. What a day!!
The uncanny ability of birds, this year my bluebird laid her 1st egg on April 18 the same day she laid her 1st egg last year. Yes, I'm sure its the same bluebird, she has been visiting the nestbox all winter. The babies hatched on Sunday, May 6.

BirdingMom said...

Saw a Rose Breasted Grosbeak in Lawrenceville NJ today, about 2 hours south of our NY home. We have not had any as yet. Thank you for the photo of the female, every year I a puzzled trying to identify her, when I do, I'm OK for the season, then she shows up the next year and I'm pulling out the field guids again!

maryd said...

I saw a female at my seed feeder-another first for me. I only saw her one day and didn't see the male. Drat! I have had several friends tell me they have also seen Grosbeaks so this must be the year they decided to visit Indy.

Anonymous said...

Normal arrival is 1-3 of May in northeastern Ct. This year saw 2 females on 2nd of may. Did not see males until 1 week later..Have approx. 4 males and 4 females throughout the year at the feeder.
Though they tend to disappear around 1st of Aug. I suspect fruit and bugs are more plentiful for them. They still stop by for some safflower and sunflower seed prior to roosting at night.
Breeding was a success as saw 6 different little ones. They have been visitors for last 10 years or so.
Bill In Quinebaug, Ct.