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Sunday, April 13, 2014

More Spring Migrants, Sanibel Lighthouse, FL, Buntings, Orioles, Kingbirds!

Indigo Bunting, male in Gumbo Limbo tree.

Palm Warbler in Florida-privet shrub

Western Kingbird 

Gray Kingbird, look how big the head and bill are!

Birders from Canada; Sarah, Kory and baby Emily Renaud and Jeremy Bensette.

Orchard Oriole, male hiding in fig tree

Orchard Oriole, 1st yr. male, in fig tree.

Birds keep coming into the Sanibel Lighthouse park, Sanibel, FL. It is so rewarding to see these hungry migrants, many of whom have just successfully crossed the Gulf of Mexico, find food and shelter in the many native trees and shrubs planted in the park. So many birders show up to see these wonderful birds, including the group of birders, pictured above, who live near Point Pelee Canada and who were seeing many life birds! Such fun to meet newest birder, baby Emily, who was being introduced to birding! The social scene is as fun as the biding!

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