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Friday, November 02, 2012

Which Birds Are Most At Risk and How You Can Help!

Reddish Egret

Loggerhead Shrike

Snowy Plover

Red Knot

Painted Bunting, these are all on the lists of birds most a risk.

There's an amazing new list of the Conservation Assessment of Total Bird Diversity in the United States Including a Complete List of Birds of the United States with Conservation Rankings. The list is based on a study by the American Bird Conservancy, the first ever study to include the full range of bird diversity in all 50 U.S. states and U.S. dependent territories. Alarmingly the study found that one third of these birds need conservation attention. 

Here's the list of the most At-Risk birds in the 50 U.S. States. 

Gunnison Sage-Grouse
Sitka Sooty Grouse (ssp)
Lesser Prairie-Chicken 
Black-capped Petrel
Pink-footed Shearwater
Ashy Storm-Petrel
Hawaiian Storm-Petrel
Reddish Egret
Yellow Rail
Black Rail (both ssp)
Gulf Snowy Plover (ssp)
Alaskan Marbled Godwit (ssp)
Eastern Red Knot (ssp)
Kittlitz’s Murrelet
Guadalupe Murrelet
Scripps's Murrelet
Craveri’s Murrelet
Red-crowned Parrot
S. CA Olive-sided Flycatcher (ssp)
S. FL & Is. Loggerhead Shrikes (ssp)
S. CA Pinyon Jay (ssp)
Kauai 'Elepaio
Hawaii 'Elepaio
Eastern Bewick’s Wren (ssp)
Bicknell’s Thrush
SF Bay Common Yellowthroat (ssp)
Mangrove Prairie Warbler (ssp)
Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow (ssp)
Eastern Painted Bunting (ssp)
Maui 'Alauahio (Maui Creeper)

What can you do to help conservation? Here are some things,

- Look at the list and familiarize yourself with what birds need help
- Join and participate in national, state and local organizations that are working to conserve bird populations.
- Educate others about the importance of conserving birds
- Share your love and knowledge of birds with others, including kids. People will be more ready to conserve the things they know and love
- Become a better bird identifier and get involved in citizen science projects such as,

- Plant a bird friendly yard with native trees and shrubs and eliminate the use of pesticides, get our Stokes Bird Gardening Book
- Keep cats indoors it's safer for them and birds.

If we all don't help conserve birds, who will?

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Kevin said...

Hello Don and Lillian,

Thank you for posting this information, in particular the steps people can take to promote bird conservation.