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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sharp-shinned Hawks and more, are still migrating!

Sharp-shinned Hawk, juv.

Sharp-shinned Hawk, juv. sitting near our bird feeders.

Here's a photo of some Sharp-shinned Hawks near our bird feeders yesterday, and this morning. Sharpies are still migrating, and so are many other species of hawk. Broad-winged Hawks are still being seen in New England, but the majority have gone by and will be seen over hawk watch sites south of here.
Sharpshins (and their larger relative, Cooper's Hawks) eat other birds, so they can migrate and make frequent stops for a snack.
Keep watching for hawks!


Mary C said...

Sharpies (and Coopers) are fascinating birds to watch in one's backyard. I get at least one or two visits each year. Thanks for sharing.

Brian said...

I was able to see two banded Goshawks this weekend. Beautiful animal.