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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cute Corgis & Bubbles Congrats

Bubbles, (Ch. Llandian's Champagne On Ice)

We own 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Phoebe and Abby, and we adore them. Abby's sister is the famous Bubbles who, recently, was runner up to the Best of Breed winner at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty show, quite an honor. Congratulations to Bubbles and all the other winners at the show.

Bubbles has also recently won several regional Corgi specialty dog shows. She is only 3 years old and has a long show career ahead of her. I love taking photos of Corgis, as well as birds. Bubbles is so photogenic and embodies Corgi beauty.

Here is Bubbles and her sister Pearl as puppies. Pearl is also a show dog and almost has her championship.

Phoebe is showing puppy Bubbles all about pumpkins.

Our Corgis, Phoebe (the lawyer), left, and Abby (the party planner), right. Phoebe is cousin to Bubbles and Abby. Abby is litter sister to Bubbles and Pearl. We were fortunate to get these beautiful Corgis, who have great temperaments, from Dianne Connolly's Llandian kennel. Tip: if you want a Corgi get one from a reputable breeder from the PWCCA.

We got Abby at 10 weeks of age and she has always looked up to Phoebe as top dog and her mentor.

"Down", "Stay", Good Dogs!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So Cute. Those Corgi puppies almost make me want to have a dog .Almost,but not quite.:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Bubbles!!! Phoebe & Abby are so beautiful as well!!! A special hello to Phoebe from your loving brother Polo!!!

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

Hi Polo,

You're pretty cute as well, Polo. I remember you well.
Woof and slurps,
your sister, Phoebe

dAwN said...

They are adorable!

cmacf1 said...

I so enjoy your blog - corgis AND birds!! My first corgi was an Abby :-). All of your corgis are so cute!

I'm a birder and a corgi mom (to two of them - a ten year old and a 19 month old who joined our family 2 weeks ago!) Griffin, the 10 year old, will be teaching Pebbles how to birdwatch. We have been taking him birding to Bombay Hook in Delaware his whole life. I will admit that birding is challenging with a corgi along, but he has improved as he has aged.

Thanks so much for including the corgis in your blog!!

cmacf1 said...

I forgot to mention, congrats to Bubbles! I was there and saw her win runner up! I've never seen so many corgis in my life - I was in heaven!