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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

BBC Wildlife Mag. Great Review, Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America

Lillian's Yellow Warbler photo, from the Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America, is in BBC Wildlife Magazine, along with a review.

We have gotten an excellent review from the prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine for our new The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America. They published a beautiful photo of the Yellow Warbler, by Lillian, from our new guide. The review was by Mark Cocker, famous British bird author.
He says, "I need to declare a bias at the onset; I am not a fan of id guides that use photographs rather than paintings... But if a single photo guide could ever persuade me of the merits of the (photo) format, this would.. be it. This is a glorious book put together with loving attention to detail, covering all of the 864 bird species that regularly occur north of the US-Mexico border... the text is succinct and thorough and the maps are clear... the true selling point of this book is the images, which are almost uniformly pin-sharp. There are at least 4 per bird; for more comples species that have several plumage phases there are as many as a dozen... this is a superb, good-value field guide."

Mark also notes why this book is of keen interest to British birders. "A good many of them (i.e. North American species), such as the gulls, waders and wonderfully colourful American wood-warblers, are relevant to British-based birders because they can turn up on this side of the Atlantic as migrants or windblown vagrants."


LNMP298 said...

Nice to see that brightly colored warbler on a snowy winter day like today!

Anonymous said...


Suzanne said...

I had no intention of buying another field guide but when I walked into my local bookstore, there it was in a display of other nature books.

I looked through it and had to have it. I have trouble using illustrated field guides. The photo's are great.


Empire Wildlife Removal said...

This is very beautiful photo of the Yellow Warbler.This bird in yellow color looking very prity.It is a sparrow But it has very attrective black eye that looks good in yellow.