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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bee Happy

Bumblebee with pollen on it's legs.

The Bumblebees are coming to the catmint blooming in our garden. I watched in fascination and tired to get a photo of one in flight, not easy! Bumblebees drink nectar from the blossoms with their long tongue and store it in their crop and collect pollen on their bodies which is then groomed into their pollen baskets. They then carry the pollen and nectar back to their hive, and feed it to their larvae. Their nest, depending on the species of bumblebee, is underground or on the ground or in grass.


Sara said...

I love "my" bumble bees. Recently, I carried in two new penstemon plants and set them next to the garden. When I came back a couple of minutes later with the shovel, the bumble bees were already feeding on the penstemon.

Molly Merula said...

That is so cute! ^___^ The bumblebees also love our lavender plants.