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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bluebirds yummy

Bluebirds coming to our mealworm feeder.


g beetham said...

Could you be specific as to what type of mealworms that you feed to your bluebirds? We live in central New Jersey and have been blessed with nesting bluebirds every year for at least twelve years, two or three broods every year. But I never see them touch the mealworms that we put out. I have used the roasted mealworms that Duncraft sells. I bought them because it seemed that they they kept well without refrigeration or other special handling. With the high cost of mealworms, I'm hesitant to try anything else unless recommended.
They don't seem to need our help, but I am inspired by your video and would like to try again.

Lillian and Don Stokes said...

We feed live mealworms. We get them online or from pet stores. They keep in the refrigerator for quite some time. But the bluebirds go through them quickly. So we only put them out several times a day. Most bluebirds do not need the help, but it is an extra boost for them. We have had terrible weather for several weeks, lot of rain and lower temps. So, in this case, it has been a big help for the bluebirds.