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Monday, February 02, 2009

Altamaha Horned Grebe

Found this Horned Grebe at Altamaha Wildlife Management Area on the Butler Island impoundments.
The Horned Grebe in winter plumage is identified by a dark, capped look; the lower edge of it's black cap extends from the bill base straight across base of eye and top of cheek, strongly contrasting with the white cheek and white side of nape. It also has a conspicuous whitish to indistinct dark gray supraloral mark (i.e. the spot in front of the eye) and a deep red eye connected to the bill by a thin, dark loral line. The bill is gray bill with a white tip.

1 comment:

John Briggs said...

I love those red eyes on the Horned Grebe. I photographed some last winter at Pine Point here in Maine. Such a beautiful little bird.