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Monday, March 24, 2008

Bluebirds Today!

Eastern Bluebird, male

Eastern Bluebird, female

Today, in the early morning 16 degree temperature, with 2 feet of snow on the ground, we saw a male and female bluebird going in and out of our birdhouses. Wow! Hello bluebirds. We had so many questions. Where did you come from? Had you been sleeping nearby or did you just migrate last night and arrive this morning? Are you the same bluebirds who nested here several years ago, in the same boxes you were now exploring? What are you eating, the berries and crabapples are mainly gone, consumed by all the "irruptive species" who visited this winter. Where will you go today, where will you sleep tonight? Will you really stay and nest, and is this just house hunting in ernest, or just dippping your toe in the water. So many questions. We wish they could talk.


Hannibal said...

Gorgeous shots of these beautiful birds! I love the complimentary background colors!

Ler said...

We just put up our first bird house this week after noticing a pair of bluebirds in our yard. It will be fun to see these stories unfold!

Tom said...

Bluebirds are so awesome,In Wisconsin I would wake every day to mom and dad waiting for the meal worms, the keep coming back too.