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Monday, October 01, 2007

PWCCA Corgi National Specialty Show

Hi from blogger Phoebe,
Lillian and Don are busy working on their book, so I'll tell you about me. This weekend I went to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi National Specialty show. This is THE top dog show for Corgis and over 500 of them from all over the USA and even other countries competed with one another to see who was Best in Show.

I went as a spectator and to cheer for some of my relatives, like my Grandpa, Troy (Champion Aberlee Storm Force). If I wasn't spayed (you can't be in a dog show if you're spayed or neutered unless you're over 7), I'm sure I woulda' won, cuz you know I'm perfect.

I watched everything intently.

I was a glorious day and the Corgis and their handlers lined up in front of the judge. She has a hard job because there were soooo many beautiful Corgis there, anyone of which could have won.

When you're a show dog, you have to learn to stand just right, with your topline level, so you look your best. Of course, you also get treats, like bits of yummy liver, from your handler as a reward. The judge evaluates each dog compared to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Standard. This handsome Corgi, is Flynn, who is owned by my breeder.

If you're a human, the shopping was good also. There were lots of vendors selling Corgi items like these Corgi jeans. I think Lillian should get some.

And this cute Corgi purse. Reminds me of all the items with birds on them that are for sale when Lillian and Don go to birding shows and festivals.

This is the table with the awards.The middle purple and gold ribbon goes to the Best in Breed, the best Corgi in the whole show. By the way, my grandma, Tuppy (Llandian's Love in a Mist) was Best of Breed at the 2002 Corgi National Specialty. The red and white ribbon goes to the Best of Opposite Sex of the best of breed and the green and white ribbon is for the Breeder of the Best of Breed.

Here's my Grandpa, Troy, on the table.

He has to stand perfectly still while the judge goes over him thoroughly, checking his bones, teeth, posture, etc. Only the cream of the crop of the Corgis are entered at this level.

He's one gorgous dude, don't you think. Sometimes, when I visit my breeder, I get to play with him. One time we played chase and I caught up with him and nipped his butt. He's very fast though. I love Troy.

The tension really mounted as the judge kept making cuts until all her most select dogs were left.

Then she picked the winner, the Best of Breed, was a female named Champion Arbor Festiniog Tempest.

And Troy won also, he got an Award of Merit, given to each of the top 9 runners up to the top winners.

Photos @ Lillian Stokes, 2007


Liza Lee Miller said...

Great reporting, Phoebe! And, congrats to Granpa Troy! I haven't been to a dog show in . . . dog's years. I missed it, looking at those gorgeous dogs. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy L. Geddes said...

Thank you for your report! My Heronsway Land of the Hokies is by Llandian Storm Catcher out of Aberlee Storm Force. It is thrilling to see Linus' paternal side! Beautiful, beautiful corgis....All the best from Williamsburg, VA: Nancy Geddes