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Monday, April 30, 2007

Misty Moose x 3

Mother and yearling moose

Mother with one of the yearlings

The two yearlings running

The three moose

Yesterday was gray and rainy and I was walking out to our car in our driveway. I heard a tremendous crashing in the woods. At first I though a car had veered off the road. Then I saw, moving behind our driveway, what I thought was a large Clydesdale Horse. Then it hit me that this was a very large moose running through our woods. I dashed into the house, calling for Phoebe (who I did not want to go near the moose) and Don. Phoebe was on the porch giving low "wuf-wufs", but not moving. The moose had gone around the house in the woods and emerged out on our large hayfield and ..... surprise, there were 3 moose, a mother and 2 yearlings!!!!

By the time I got my camera with 300 mm lens, they were far (more than 1000 feet) away, but I tried for photos anyway. Later, we were having a family birthday celebration and the 3 moose came out onto the pond and were eating vegetation in the mist. It was thrilling that we and our kids all got to look through the scope and watch them munching away, oblivious to us. Photo digiscoped from 1/4 mile away.

At this time of year, pregnant female moose are still with their yearlings. In another month or so, when she is ready to give birth, she will drive off her yearlings and they will be on their own. Adult female moose generally have single calves, but have twins in areas with abundant food. Maybe she will stay around. Hope so.


Anonymous said...

What a thrill to see them on your property. Nature at it's best for you to enjoy! Good catch, looks like the area in Maine my relatives visit.


birdchaser said...

Now that's something I miss from my days living in moose country!