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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ottawa NWR, Magee Marsh

Black-throated Green Warbler
Boardwalk at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
Daisy, our dog, begging for potato chips during lunch in the parking lot.
At Ottawa, NWR
Signing binoculars
Customer with signed "Stokes Birding Series" Talon binoculars

On May 12-14 we were at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area/ Crane Creek State Park and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. These top birding hotspots are right next to one another, on the south shore of Lake Erie, a little east of Toledo, Ohio. Crane Creek State Park consists of 79 acres of beach and marshland adoining the 2,600 acre Magee Marsh Wildlife Area and Ottawa National Wildlife Area. Over 150,00 visiors a year come here.
Magee has a boardwalk through a small woods, right next to the lake. So the migrating warblers and other birds stop in this small woods to rest and because they are hesitant to cross the lake, especially in bad weather. So bad weather for birds, might mean good birding for birders. There were crowds of birders and standing room only for the warbler show.
On May 13th we did a book signing at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and introduced people to our line of Stokes Birding Series binoculars. By customer request, we even signed some people's binoculars!

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