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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bird Feeding Rainbow

Bird Feeding brings joy to so many people. It brings colorful birds up close for spectacular views and provides a supplemental source of food for those birds. In periods of extreme weather, feeding can be life-saving for the birds.

A basic feeding set-up that will attract the most birds includes:

* A Seed Feeder filled with Black Oil Sunflower, since it is the top choice of the most feeder birds, or a high quality seed mix.

* A Finch Tube Feeder filled with thistle (Nyjer), or Nyjer Plus (thistle plus sunflower chips), or a quality finch mix.

* Suet cakes in a suet feeder — highly attractive to Woodpeckers.

* Water for drinking — attracts not only feeders bird, but others, such as, Warblers, Thrushes and Vireos.

Experiment and see what seeds birds in your area prefer. Birds in different parts of the country may have different seed preferences. Our friends in mid-Florida feed birds and are lucky to have “oh wow” Cardinals and Indigo Buntings on the same feeder! In their yard those species like millet.

Photo of Cardinal and Indigo Bunting © Lillian Stokes 2006

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